Spinal Cord Injury Recovery

Key Components of Spinal Cord Injury Recovery

Our comprehensive recovery plan is designed to enhance muscle function, improve hand-eye coordination, and teach adaptive techniques for a return to daily life.
The plan centres on the restoration of physical abilities, offers emotional support, and educates individuals on effective self-management. It underscores the importance of rehabilitation and lifestyle adjustments for long-term recovery.

Breathing Care

Toilet Control

Wheelchair Use

Preventing Stiffness

Getting Stronger

Emotional Well-Being

Boosting Heart and Lung Health

Improving Balance and Movement

Learning to Move in Bed and Transfer

Regain Strength and Balance

Gain Functional Independence

Enhance Overall Quality of Life

Prevent Recurrences and Complications

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A Comprehensive Approach to Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation

Initial Evaluation

Our team commences with an extensive assessment to comprehend the spinal cord injury’s extent and how it impacts the person’s life.

Establishing Objectives

We collaborate closely with patients and their families to define achievable recovery objectives. These goals guide the rehabilitation process.

Commencing the Recovery Journey

Once the objectives are set, we start the recovery process, combining physical therapy, psychological support, lifestyle changes, and ongoing assessment to track progress.

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