Recovery from COVID-19 Infection

Essential Elements of Post-COVID-19 Care Strategy

Our all-encompassing rehabilitation program is designed to mitigate prolonged respiratory, physical, mental, and functional complications in individuals recovering from COVID-19.

Respiratory Rehabilitation

Cardiovascular Monitoring

Medication Management

Physical Rehabilitation

Nutritional Guidance

Mental Health Support

Follow-up Testing

Support Groups

Vaccination Guidance

Continuous Medical Oversight

Chronic Illness Management

Complication Prevention

Enhanced Quality of Life

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Who Requires COVID-19 Recovery and Rehabilitation Support?

Patients discharged after recovering from severe COVID-19 post-hospitalization, having completed their treatment and care.

COVID-19 survivors experiencing persistent symptoms like weariness, unease, despondency, and swallowing difficulties

COVID-19 patients with concurrent health issues such as obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart, or lung conditions

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BHSC’s Comprehensive COVID-19 Rehabilitation Program

Multi-Disciplinary Team

Assemble a team of healthcare professionals, including physicians, nurses, physical therapists, and mental health specialists, to provide holistic care.

Individualized Care Plans

Tailor rehabilitation plans to each patient’s unique needs, addressing physical and psychological symptoms.

Physical Therapy

Provide exercises to rebuild strength, improve lung function, and enhance mobility.

Mental Health Support

Offer counseling and psychological support to address anxiety, depression, and other emotional challenges.

Nutritional Guidance

Include dietary recommendations to promote recovery and boost the immune system.

Medication Management

Ensure proper management of medications, especially for patients with pre-existing conditions.

Respiratory Rehabilitation

Focus on respiratory therapy for patients with breathing difficulties.

Why BHSC Rehab For Spinal Cord Injury Recovery?

Tailored Treatment Plans

We create personalized plans, ensuring optimal rehabilitation tailored to each person’s unique condition and preferences.

Spinal Strengthening Exercises

Targeted exercises enhance spinal muscle strength, vital for overall spinal health and functional recovery.

Advanced Physiotherapy

Our techniques, including manual therapy and assistive device training, cater to diverse spinal injury needs.




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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers  for Spine Care

What is Post-COVID-19 Care?

Post-COVID-19 Care refers to the medical and rehabilitative support provided to individuals recovering from COVID-19 to manage lingering symptoms and aid in their overall recovery.

Who Requires Post-COVID-19 Care?

Post-COVID-19 Care is typically recommended for individuals who have experienced COVID-19, especially those with persistent symptoms or complications.

What Are the Common Lingering Symptoms of COVID-19?

Common lingering symptoms include fatigue, breathlessness, muscle weakness, cognitive issues, and mental health challenges.

What Does Post-COVID-19 Rehabilitation Include?

Rehabilitation may involve physical therapy, psychological support, respiratory therapy, medication management, and overall wellness strategies.

How Long Does Post-COVID-19 Recovery Take?

The duration of recovery varies among individuals and depends on the severity of the illness. Some recover in a few weeks, while others may require several months.

Is Post-COVID-19 Care Necessary for Asymptomatic Cases?

Post-COVID-19 care is generally recommended for individuals with symptoms, but even asymptomatic cases may benefit from wellness guidance.

Can Post-COVID-19 Care Be Provided Remotely?

Yes, telemedicine and virtual consultations are often used to provide post-COVID-19 care, ensuring accessibility and safety.

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