Home Care

Enhancing lives through comprehensive home care services

Balaji Healthcare Services is your dedicated partner in delivering an expansive spectrum of exceptional and compassionate home care services, ensuring your well-being, comfort, and recovery within the nurturing ambience of your home.

Caregiver Services

Compassionate support with daily tasks, medication management, and personal care.


Tailored treatments for injury recovery, chronic pain management, and enhanced mobility.

Medical Equipment

Access to advanced tools and devices for healthcare needs is available for rent or purchase.

Nursing Services

Professional care, wound management, medication administration.

ICU at Home

Round-the-clock, hospital-level care is provided in the comfort of your home.

Attendant Services

Trained attendants offer personalized support and aid with daily tasks.

Our Benefits of Homecare Services

Personalized Care

Tailored services meeting individual needs for enhanced comfort and recovery.

Skilled Professionals

Access to experienced caregivers, physiotherapists, nurses, and medical experts.

Continuous Support

Round-the-clock care, including ICU services, ensuring uninterrupted attention.

Holistic Approach

Care addressing physical, emotional, and mental well-being for comprehensive support.

Enhanced Mobility

Physiotherapy and caregiver assistance for improved movement and daily living.

Familiar Environment

Get home care for comfort, stress reduction, and well-being.

Advanced Equipment

Access to state-of-the-art medical tools and devices for care needs.

Family Involvement

Encouragement for family involvement and support during the care process

Tied Up with Leading NABH Hospitals And NABL Diagnostic Center




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