Introduction and Objectives


This module will introduce participants to different strategies those are adapted for structurally stabilising heritage buildings adopting an engineering approach. It will familiarize them with internationally accepted guidelines for structural conservation and expose them to State-of-Art Structural Conservation Technologies through case studies from across the world.

It will equip the participants with knowledge on retrofitting heritage sites with respect to making them earthquake resistant and introducing new services in them including those of energy control.


This module has three objectives:
1) To expose the participants to different strategies for structural conservation.
2) To introduce different stages in the process of structural conservation:
Damage Assessment
Distress Diagnostics
Material Testing
Introduction to Structural Analysis of Heritage Structures
Behaviour of Heritage Structures in Earthquakes
Traditional and non-Conventional Retrofit Strategies.
3) To explain structural conservation techniques through extensive case studies of retrofit from across the world.

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