Introduction & Objectives

This module will introduce basic building materials which include lime plaster, stucco and stone. Along with theory sessions on material technology, the module will also include hands-on experience with different kinds of material restoration treatments.

This module has three objectives:
Once a participant successfully completes the theory and hands-on training of the cumulative 80 hours of Module 2 (40 hrs) and Module 3 (40 hrs), he or she will be able to:
a) Recognise objective signs of damage to the basic building materials such as lime plaster, stucco and stone.
b) Comprehend the composition and behaviour of these materials and link that knowledge with an understanding of the factors of deterioration to be able to visualise future changes in the structural and visual aspects of these materials.
c) To gain an understanding of the various tools, equipment and formulations available to implement remedial conservation treatment where required.
d) To appreciate the various methods and schools of thought in restoring / treating the visual aspect of deteriorated cultural elements of various material types.

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