In the last two decades, Mumbai has witnessed a steady rise in awareness towards its cultural and built heritage. Numerous local government bodies, non- governmental organizations and private entities like building owners and site managers have started initiating conservation works. However, these projects were often found to be cosmetic as the organizations failed to take into account the role played by factors such as authenticity, historic background, location and setting in the conservation of heritage structures and sites.


 Many of the restoration/renovation works undertaken by various agencies and local bodies evidenced a lack of exposure to conservation skills required to deal with heritage properties. Moreover, the general perception of built heritage as more of a liability rather than an asset, amongst owners of heritage graded properties brought to the fore a dire need to augment their understanding of the benefits of conservation and involvement in the restoration processes as well as the need for discussion on incentives for the care of heritage properties.




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The Built Heritage Studies and Conservation Modular Course


 Mumbai and the Mumbai Metropolitan Region Heritage Conservation Society (MMR- HCS),

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya (CSMVS),

Mumbai, Sir J.J. College of Architecture (Sir JJCOA),

 initiated this programme in 2013 to share expertise in the practical aspects of

built heritage conservation.


This programme is conducted by experts from all over the country through a series of workshops which give hands-on experience in various areas of conservation such as documentation, condition assessment, building and decorative materials, structural conservation, heritage management and urban conservation.


This programme invites contractors, artisans, construction workers who are engaged with conservation, persons with experience of heritage conservation works, senior students or internship candidates of Architecture, Planning, Civil and Structural Engineering who demonstrate a strong desire to work in the field of conservation and conservation enthusiasts.



The Built Heritage Studies and Conservation Modular Course

The course was structured into six modules for 2013-2017,

 and then into five in 2017-18, dealing with the following:









BHSC Cell ,2nd floor, CSMVS Museum Art Conservation Centre,

CSMV Museum, 159-161 M.G.Road, Fort, Mumbai 400023.




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Module I

Materials Conservation I (Lime Plaster, Stucco, Stone and Concrete)


Module II

Materials Conservation II (Wood, Metals, Glass, Brick, Terracotta, Ceramic and Mosaics)

Module III

Structural Conservation, Retrofit and Maintenance

Module V

Urban Conservation and Enabling Environment

Module IV

Conservation Project Management


BHSC Cell ,2nd floor, CSMVS Museum Art Conservation Centre, CSMV Museum,

159-161 M.G.Road, Fort, Mumbai 400023.

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