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Built Heritage Studies & Conservation

Diploma Course

This programme is conducted by experts from all over the country through a series of workshops which give hands-on experience in various areas of conservation such as documentation, condition assessment, building and decorative materials, structural conservation, heritage management and urban conservation.

Structural Conservation and Retrofit

 introduces the  participants to different strategies that are adapted for structurally stabilizing heritage buildings adopting an engineering approach. It helps familiarize them with internationally accepted guidelines for structural conservation and exposed them to State-of- the Art Structural Conservation Technologies through case studies from across the world.

It equips  participants with knowledge on retrofitting heritage sites with respect to making them earthquake resistant and introducing new services in them including those of energy control.

Module  Directors


BHSC Cell ,2nd floor, CSMVS Museum Art Conservation Centre, CSMV Museum,

159-161 M.G.Road, Fort, Mumbai 400023.

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